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Meet Our Team

We have a passionate and diverse team at Queen Marys Zero Waste Shop. We employ students who study in our university and give employability skills to interns at Project Search who supports individuals with learning difficulties.

  • "We wanted to unlock the creativity that comes with cooking while being mindful of the planet, Many people on a tight budget during the cost of living crisis have been attracted by the fact that they can buy the exact quantities they need."

    Mo (Store Manager)

  • "Once customers visit the shop and go through the novel experience of filling their containers and weighing their goods most people want to come back again. Lots of people who had never heard of zero waste shopping are becoming regulars"

    Louise (Store Assistant)

  • "Working at a Zero Waste Shop has opened my eyes to how much waste not only in terms of packaging but food is created. We all can do small things that can go along way to help the environment and community we live in"

    Sineka (Store Assistant)

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Queen Marys Zero Waste Shop

We opened in Februry 2022 with one mission in mind. To encourage our community to live a more sustainable lifestyle. The concept is pretty simple. Bring your own container/s > Fill as little or as much you require > Weigh your ingredient > Pay for the weight. This eliminates any use of pre packaged products or single use plastics and encourages a reuse of your containers. You only take what you need and ultimately not restriced to pre packaged products found in supermarkets which potentially reduces waste and can save you money in long term.